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Add Web Map Option in ArcMap

Question asked by meperko on Dec 15, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 15, 2016 by meperko

Hi.  This answer may be right in front of me, but I am trying to view a list of web maps that I have hosted in ArcGIS Online in ArcMap.  But, when I "Add data from ArcGIS Online" I do not see any web maps.  In fact, I only see map services and feature layers.  And the UI doesn't look like the examples in the documentation here: Using ArcGIS Online in ArcGIS for Desktop applications—Help | ArcGIS for Desktop for version 10.3 (I'm using 10.3.1).  According to the documentation, I should see "My Maps and Data."  Instead, I only see "My Data" which is limiting.



I'm pretty confused about what I am seeing.  So, if someone could help me out, I'd appreciate it.