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Add tables to cascade template

Question asked by deleted-user-KnEH1ZtJQ4CO on Dec 15, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 10, 2017 by JSoto@cio.lacounty.gov_lacounty

From other posts I understand that tables may not be directly supported in the cascade story map template, but I would like to vote for some manner of incorporating them directly. For a workaround, I will be using an image of an HTML table, but lose responsiveness and styling capabilities with this approach.


An example of the current limitation is below showing a small table with a header and two rows with data. The table is on a html page and inserted via an iframe so we can style the contents.

This is a screen capture showing the gap/unused space that is shown below a small table - the table is hosted in an iframe.

The highlighted blue area is extra space in the div with block-media class applied. For content whose height is smaller than the minimum height of this class, empty space is left and I don't see a straightforward way to remove it.