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ArcGIS for Server Active Directory Attrbiutes Required?

Question asked by Scott.Fierro on Dec 14, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 9, 2017 by Scott.Fierro

Been working through some interesting testing and scenarios with the use of ESRI's security model options and configurations. One such scenario we are seeing mixed results with.


Use of some of our Active Directory (AD) service accounts (no AD attributes populated for first/last names, e-mail, etc.) fails to authenticate while all other things considered they are identical to valid user accounts we have (these have nearly all of AD's attribute fields populated) which successfully authenticate.


Sent this up through ESRI support channels and it reached one of ESRI's senior support advisors who seemed to have a wealth of knowledge on Server present and past but he wasn't certain on these details.


So wondering if anyone can point to a site or knows of the specific AD attributes that are implicitly required to exist for successful authentication when using a web-tier configuration on IIS 7.5 in conjunction with AD?