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Best way to join to multiple databases

Question asked by buehlerd on Dec 13, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 16, 2016 by bfausel

I am using 10.3.1 and will be moving to 10.4.1 shortly.  My goal is to create as many "live" layers as possible by integrating to other SQL databases, and then pushing out services for use in web maps.  Example: ParcelID on the feature in the enterprise geodatabase is joined to GISID for tax rolls in the tax database.  When GISID's information is updated it permeates through to the web map.


I would like to use spatial views, which I know can be written if the data resides in the same database.  Is registering the tables from Database 1, Database 2, etc. and then making the spatial views in the enterprise geodatabase the way to go?  Any limitations or impacts on the data in the original database?  Or is there a better way?  Is it not possible?  What is the best course of action?