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When inserting obj file i scales

Question asked by Mortensen91 on Dec 12, 2016
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I have a problem, I want to insert an obj file into my CE scene, I have created an Oshape but when I use the import function, it inserts the object into the area, but it has been moved a bit, the obj file is just a flat surface created in rhino with lower left corner in (0,0).


as you can see there is a small cap between the white area and the read along the straight edge. Here is the code


attr detentionVolume = 100

attr z1 = 10
attr x1 = 10
attr D1 = 1
attr x = 0
attr z = 0

attr waterPond_Z = 10
attr waterPond_X = 10


         WaterPondN0101 --> // Creates an Oshape with the front width and right width of the wing
         set (x, // and the width and lenght of the center shape.
         set (z,
         set (detentionVolume, detentionVolume * 1.42713)
         set (waterPond_X, detentionVolume/(waterPond_Z*D1))
         report ("Vol",detentionVolume)
         shapeO (z1,x1,(z-z1-waterPond_Z),(x-x1-waterPond_X )) {shape : BldgFootprint | remainder : WaterPondN0102          WaterPondEdge01}

WaterPondN0102 -->
         i ("Pond/Pond_02.obj")                                   (This insert is wrong)


WaterPondEdge01 -->
         s ('1,'1,'1)
         i ("Pond/Pond_02_scope.obj")                         (This insert is wrong)