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Generate a list for Transpose Fields tool

Question asked by evackarau on Dec 5, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 5, 2016 by evackarau

I am trying to generate the inputs for arcpy.TransposeFields_management and I am running into a problem with the list that feeds the FieldsToTranspose.  If I run the tool manually, and then save the code as a python snippet, this is how the fields are specified in the snippet:  

in_field="A_4431 4431;A_1111 1111"  

So, I am trying to create a list of my fields that follows that format, but this eludes me. Here is the code I have been working with - see the explanation in the comments for what happens when I run it…  

# Set local variables

InTable = "C:\Distubance\OutTab.gdb\FACTS_Code_2010_1"

# Specify fields to transpose FieldNames = arcpy.ListFields(InTable, "A*")

OrigFieldNames = []

FieldShortNames = []

for f in FieldNames: OrigFieldNames.append(


#To generate a list of the old field names and the new, desired field names to use in the Transpose tool, I tried this: FieldsToTranspose = [OrigFieldNames[i] + " " + FieldShortNames[i] for i in xrange(len(OrigFieldNames))] # This generates a nice list, the tool runs and the output table is generated, but that table is empty.  

# Set a variable to store output feature class or table

outTable = "TestTab"

# Set a variable to store code field name

TransposedFieldName = "FCode"

# Set a variable to store value field name

ValueFieldName = "AreaM2"

# Specify attribute field to be included in the output

AttrFields = "ZSID"

# Execute

TransposeFields arcpy.TransposeFields_management(InTable, FieldsToTranspose, outTable, TransposedFieldName, ValueFieldName, AttrFields)  


Anyone have an idea how I can either generate the list with the proper formatting in the first place, or modify the list to follow the correct formatting, after I generate it using the method above?

Thanks much!