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Syncing content across multiple cascading story maps

Question asked by deleted-user-lPToQDelsaap on Dec 2, 2016
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I am writing a variety of SOPs using cascading story maps to present the content. What is the best way to sync content across different story maps?


My goal is to create a specific SOP in cascading story map form that each role of the organization can reference. So if you are a publisher, there is specific content that you need to know the standards for where a user doesn't need to know but there are sections of content that will be duplicated and I would like to sync those sections.


My current workflow that works temporarily (I will explain later) is below:

- Create a PDF with the section content

- Upload the PDF to My Content in AGO and I will update that specific PDF as needed

- Add a media section in the Cascade Builder

- Select Link to Content

- Paste the really long URL provided from the Amazon storage service



This works up front but after a couple of minutes or refreshes, I get a message where the PDF should be saying something like this: AccessDeniedRequest has expired3002016-12-01T16:18:08Z2016-12-01T16:29:15Z912DACC1813AB284psU4cjJ8CpOfnS9Z7hPaz+EDtD7M6dj0UmgETXwn9BNalTguwiyb/HRmBSBk3SIVRQM0juknD1g=


Is there a way or better way to do this?


Also, when you try to select the media type, the items under My Content only show only web maps. I would think that other forms of media would be in that section like the PDFs or images that I have in My Content. Is this in the works?