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How to display a map using shape files in Android?

Question asked by raju@211 on Dec 2, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 6, 2016 by sgill-esristaff

I have tried with below code for read and display shapefile from my SD card

    ShapefileFeatureTable shapefileFeatureTable = null;    try {        shapefileFeatureTable = new ShapefileFeatureTable(Environment.getExternalStorageDirectory().getAbsolutePath()+"/India_SHP/INDIA.shp");        featureLayer = new FeatureLayer(shapefileFeatureTable);        featureLayer.setRenderer(new SimpleRenderer(new SimpleMarkerSymbol(                getResources().getColor(android.R.color.holo_blue_bright),                28, SimpleMarkerSymbol.STYLE.CIRCLE)));         mMapView.addLayer(featureLayer);     } catch (FileNotFoundException e) {        e.printStackTrace();    }

But it returning empty black screen, Can any one help me regarding this?