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Display coded value description in attribute table widget

Question asked by tomrip on Nov 28, 2016



I have an AGOL hosted feature service that contains a few related tables. One of the tables has subtypes with each subtype having its own coded value domain.


When i view the related table in the Pop-up / Info window, the text description of the coded value is displayed (in the screen cap below the text description is "Furniture: Chair"). However, when i view the same record in the attribute table widget, the numeric value is displayed (in the screen cap below, the numeric value of "9" is displayed instead of the text description "Furniture: Chair".


I have seen a couple of posts in the Web App Builder forum indicating that this is (or was) a known bug but that it was fixed in subsequent releases, e.g. 2.1.  Is the bug still present in the AGOL version of the widget?  Is there some setting that i missed in configuring the attribute table widget?


Screen shot showing the coded value description displayed in popup but the numeric value displayed in the attribute table widget