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Specify outFields in Quartz

Question asked by jamesrichards on Nov 27, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 5, 2017 by mikedmanak

Can we specify the outFields when querying a server based feature layer in Quartz?


At 10.2.5 - the AGSQuery object had an outFields property which took a list of fields and mapped them to the REST API outFields parameter.


In Quartz 10.0, the AGSQueryParameters object does not have an outFields property.


The AGSServiceFeatureTable object does have a method called queryFeaturesWithParameters:fields:completion: but the fields parameter takes an enum with only three options: 

- AGSQueryFeatureFieldsIDsOnly
- AGSQueryFeatureFieldsMinimum
- AGSQueryFeatureFieldsLoadAll


Is there some other way to specify the out fields when querying against the ArcGIS Server REST API?