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Selecting a polygon based on raster values?

Question asked by laurawiggins12 on Nov 27, 2016
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I'm currently locating a site for a new air quality monitor and have a set of raster 1X1km cell raster data which I made from a .csv file. This raster holds the mean amount of NO2 in each cell as a value.  

I'm looking to put this monitor in an urban park to monitor urban background pollution and have these parks as polygons, and I also want to put them in areas where concentrations of NO2 are fairly high to keep an eye on them.


My dilemma is that I can't select the polygons which are within the high NO2 raster cells, and because I made the raster myself from point data, I can't convert it into square polygons with the value to select by location. 


(It's all a bit complicated but I've tried to be as clear as I can!)


Does anyone know how I can select the polygons which have a high or low NO2 value from the raster? I've included an image to try and make it a bit clearer!


Thanks in advance,