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Error with text and menu items font after attach an image

Question asked by philipwilson on Nov 20, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 12, 2016 by ichivite-esristaff

One of our users has an issue with Survey123 (after upgrade app on iOS to 1.9.24) that when they attached an image, the text displayed below the image (image name) is jumbled characters, and then also when close and try to save survey, the menu choices displayed are jumbled.


Was working fine on same device prior to 1.9.24. Anyone else seen this?


Here is more info from user:

“As requested, please find attached screenshots with scrambled text following every image insertion. As you can see not only the text below the image gets scrambled but also the text on the page you get before leaving the app, which could be quite tricky if somebody doesn’t know the app as much as I do. In order to get the text right again, the app needs to be completely closed (i.e. also in the background) and rebooted. Please note that rebooting the phone did not solve the issue for me.”