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scripted sde check-out replication creation?

Question asked by jwolff on Nov 17, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 17, 2016 by asrujit_pb

Is it possible to create multiple, check-out replica geodatabases via script? 


We have a SQL Server, GCS WGS84 sde (all feature datasets are in the same GCS WGS84 coordinate system) database containing data from around 100 locations across the country (continental United States).  Each location edits data independently.  The schema is quite large, comprised of some 500+ feature classes across 30+ feature datasets.  Check-out dbs for each location must each be in local, UTM WGS84 coordinate system (we are using the methodology described here: ).  Due to our disparate configuration, along with other network challenges, sde connection speeds are incredibly slow (creating a single check-out takes over 5 hours machine time).  If possible, I'd like to script the check-out replica creation process to automate production of the approximately 100 check-out replicas.


Is this possible?