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Exposing secure ArcGIS Server Services to ArcGIS Online - Where Does the Data Go?

Question asked by foconnor on Nov 10, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 16, 2016 by foconnor

I have a secure AGS Service that points to an internal feature class stored on SDE. The AGS Service is exposed to AGOL as a feature layer. When I add the feature layer to an AGOL map I am prompted to enter my credentials to view the data. So everything works.


My question is where does the data go to get to my browser when I view the data in the AGOL map? Physically I'm sitting right next to the server that stores the data, but does this data have to pass outside my office and through AGOL to be shown on the map?


Just trying to understand the underlying flow of data as this will undoubtedly effect the speed at which an AGOL map draws.


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