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Propagation of Feature Classes in ArcGIS Schematics

Question asked by NevinWilson008 on Nov 10, 2016

Hello There,


I am currently having an issue propagating a feature class (Test_4) to a schematic feature class in an existing schematic dataset (MTM_Schematic_20160729). See screenshot below. These geodatabases are also attached. I have attempted this using both Import from Feature Layers and Import from Feature Classes/Tables in the Schematic Dataset Editor (see further screenshot below).


I have also attempted to Append new feature to active diagram by right clicking on the schematic dataset and using Update Diagram. In this case, I created a Geometric Network based on the Test_4 feature class and selected all features. These features are depicted in green below against the rail world representation of the rail network and should be ‘transposed’ to the adjacent schematic rail line (see below again).


Feel free to get back to me for more information.


Thanks for your help.


Nevin Wilson