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orthophoto quality changes after loading to arcmap

Question asked by martin083 on Nov 11, 2016
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I have 4 different orthophotos (jpegs with world file). When looking at the images with a viewer (standard windows viewer) the brightness, saturation and hue looks quite similar in all images. But when loading them into arcmap (without pyramids) it looks like the quality decreases from image to image. I have attached a screenshot of the 4 images in ArcMap. The adding- order plays no role, the image on the lower-right is always the worst.

When I load the images with "build pyramids" (standard) into ArcMap I get a different (better - but not satisfying) result. There is also a screenshot attached.


Resolultion of the images is always the same and come frome government


Has anybody an idea what exactly the problem is?


Thanks in advance.