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Closest Facility - Incorrect Facilities, Wrong Routes

Question asked by benjaminlei on Nov 9, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 9, 2016 by Dan_Patterson

Hi there,


I'm trying to find the three closest facilities, but I encounter two problems:

  1. It doesn't always select the closest facilities.
  2. Sometimes, the solved route is incorrect or cut off early.


There are two files I use - one Network Dataset layer (converted from lines), and one Points shapefile (which I load as facility locations). Both are incredibly simple layers with very little extra data.


This is an ideal scenario:

The three closest facilities are returned, with correctly-drawn routes.

The three closest facilities are returned, with correctly-drawn routes.


This is a slightly less ideal scenario:

The routes are correctly-drawn, but you can tell that it did not select the three closest facilities.


This is the worst case scenario (most common):

The facilities selected are not the closest, and the routes are cut off early (usually once it hits the facility's y-axis).


This is the same worst case scenario, with drawn with straight lines:

This is to show which facilities it was attempting to route to.


I apologize if this is an extremely simplistic question and/or it is asked very frequently.

I am a computer scientist who does not have a lot of experience with ArcGIS, so I would greatly appreciate any help there is to offer!


I have a couple points to note before anybody suggests anything:

  • I am fairly certain the problem does not lie with my Network Dataset, as I have used the exact same layer to solve Routing problems and have not encountered any problems with it (the lines should be correctly joined).
  • I used all default settings for Closest Facility, except for number of facilities to find (changed to 3).
  • I am using ArcMap 10.3 on a Windows machine.


Thanks in advance.