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coded domain values problem in Collector

Question asked by vsimps on Nov 8, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 18, 2016 by vsimps

I have a point feature that I have several field crews collecting data on. I set up a coded domain for one of the fields and then symbolized off this field. 

I have had crews collecting data for almost a year with no issue. But today, noticed that the text is now numeric for the majority of my data. 

Things I have checked -

  • This is not a sub-typed field
  • The domain has the same value in the Domain as it has in the Value\
  • There isn't a specific date where the issue started to occur, data collected on 10/03/16 and 11/04/16 has the right value, but then on 10/28/16 it jumps to a numeric value.
  • It isn't a specific user that is triggering the issue
  • When I look at the data in Collector, the values ALL show with the text, not the number. But when I look at the data in a Web Map or when I download the hosted data from AGOL, the numbers are there.