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Can the Summarise Widget be modified to read data from the Time Slider Widget. The Summarize Widget does not honour the Time Slider Widget. How can this be resolved ?

Question asked by Dunnjs_Willis on Nov 8, 2016

Morning All,


I have been trying for a week now to come up with a solution to this issue. The time slider widget is not honoured by most widgets. That is if you set a "time window" and then try and run the summarize widget you will not get a summary of data in the specified time frame. You will get a summary of all your data. 


This is also true for the Attribute Table widget among others. I have placed various queries with ESRI to resolve this without much success. This question came up last year but there has not been a solution as far as I am aware. 


Would it be possible to modify either the Time Slider widget or the Summarize Widget so the two can "communicate" with each other  ? 


Any help would be greatly appreciated.