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Errors posting Story Maps

Question asked by envizz on Nov 4, 2016
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I'm teaching a class on landscape suitability using GeoPlanner.  As output I require students to create Story Maps from the GP maps.  I did that same last year but this year I get a consistent error that is new to me.  It may be the way my organization has GP configured but I appear to be the only wild soul using these tools so I can't get any local guidance.  Can anyone tell me what dumb mistake I'm making?


And does anyone have a hit-list of "dumb errors you can make when posting Story Maps" with explanations of how to recover?  




In creating a Swipe using two Scenarios created in GeoPlanner the Active Scenario layers show via the Story Maps website as “secure services”  They have not been set as secure but removing that designation involves a process ( that I don't want to ask students to do (they get into enough trouble already).  The Tip to remove the service is not possible as those layers are where the design being compared resides.


Story Maps I have created with this error are: