Highly Available (Active-Active) Portal/Server/Datastore

Discussion created by jgustine on Nov 3, 2016
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We are currently working to build a highly available web GIS stack with redundant servers in 2 data centers. We would like to use a 3rd party load balancer to direct traffic to web adaptors in either datacenter.  Essentially, we want portal (using a shared content directory) sandwiched in between the web adaptors and servers (federated) in the 1st diagram. 

We have a good understanding how to create a primary/standby version of this using the out -of-the box Esri install tools, but it seems like a waste to have all those servers just sitting there when we could be directing traffic to them if available. 


We've done a lot of reading and can't seem find documentation that combines these two diagrams. We are wondering if it's a supported Esri config at this point. 


If anyone has gone down this road and would be willing to share any advice, workflows, or architecture diagrams we would be most appreciative.