Discussion created by dynamike on Nov 1, 2016

Good morning. I have the following problem and i need your thoughts on that.

There is this portal in my country which provides spatial data based on the INSPIRE directive in Europe (http://eservices.dls.moi.gov.cy/index.html#/national/inspiregeoportalmapviewer ).

I tried to consume the WFS service of the data theme Administrative Units in Arcmap and i can't access the related tables that are with that service. I know that there are related tables because i can also access the ARCGIS REST directory and i see them. I need the information that resides in one of those tables, to label the entities of the datatheme. The actual attribute table does not contain the needed info. I attached a screenshot of the ARCGIS REST directory and highlighted the aforementioned table. 

This seems to be more easy in QGIS, which gives me the opportunity to label the entities without additional work from me, except for consuming the WFS service. 

I know that the development of that portal is done with ARCGIS for INSPIRE.

Any help will be appreciated. 



REST service for Administrative Units