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Inconsistent Spatial Extent

Question asked by icemannn1989 on Nov 1, 2016

So I have been tasked with parsing through a large amount of data. The data is in HDF5 file format and has about 30 raster layers within each HDF5. I need to be able to open up a specific layer from within these HDF files. For eaxmaple, I have been working with opening up the 20th layer. If i normally add the HDF (like any other data through the add data button), I get prompted to select a layer (which is when I select layer 20), but then I get prompted that there is "inconsistent spatial extent error". I tried a work around by using the "Extract Sub-set" tool in data management but realized that the spatial extent error will apply to all of the layers within this HDF. Geographic coordinate systems and projected coordinate systems always, ALWAYS, throw me for a loop. I have attached an image of what is displayed if I ignore the error warning as well as the extent of the problematic data frame (large extent values) and a functioning data frame (normal extent values). The research area is of Alaskan and the topic is wildfires. I understand it may be elementary, but can I please have an explicit walk through of how to remedy this error?