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Spatial query in ArcGIS Online App

Question asked by olasve on Nov 1, 2016

I'm working with two different WMS, one containing land properties (polygons) and one containing approximately 50 different layers of lines and polygons. I’ve built a webapp on AGOL that allows users to visualize and query the layers via pop-ups.


But, I’d like to include a widget that allows my users to select a land property, and then via the widget select all of the lines/polygons contained in the second WMS that intersect/are contained by/contain the land property polygon. Is this possible?


If not, I think my users could make due with a selection tools that selects all objects from all layers within a user-drawn polygon.



Also, if it is possible to generate a report in pdf (or something similar) with the attribute info of each selected line/polygon, that would be icing on the cake.