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Relevant Question Dependent on Multiple Fields

Question asked by ttaylor_ECGISAB9 on Oct 28, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 31, 2018 by wws_ahargreaves

I am working on transferring a paper inspection form into a Survey123 form. My question is this:


Can you write a relevance expression that will be based on multiple fields value?



   I have three fields in a group that have other questions dependent on an answer supplied from a selection. The final question is the comments box, which I would like to set up so that the Comments question only appears if one or more of the 'in compliance?' questions have been answered as no.



Currently the comments box is visible even when there have been no violations reported.


I am just not sure if I don't know how to phrase it properly, or if it is not a supported function at the time.

Thanks for any and all help!Survey123 for ArcGIS survey123 connect syntax xls forms xlsform relevant expression