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Get Attributes of Point Feature at Start and End Coordinates of Polyline

Question asked by marino on Oct 27, 2016
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I have a trail network. In this trail network, each polyline segment (identified by a unique ID) is connected by an "intersection" (which is a point feature located at the junction of two trail network segments). Each trail segment has an intersection at its start and end. Each intersection is uniquely named.


What I would like to do is add the names of the intersections located at the start and end of each trail segment into the attributes of each line segment.


Without a script, the method I use:


  1. Get start and end lat/longs for each trail segment
  2. Create separate point features for the start and end locations with the lat/longs (and unique trail segment ID preserved)
  3. Spatial join the start and end lat/longs (separately) to the intersections
  4. Do a table join of the original trail segments to both the start and end locations (that have been spatially joined to the intersections) to grab the intersections for each unique name at each intersection that matched the start and end lat/longs


Overall obviously this process is clunky. So, I attempted to convert this to a script using ArcPy but am strugling with how to match the lat/longs between the point features and the trail segment start and end points. Since I have these new lat and longs in my script – is it possible to simply do a spatial join using these lat/longs without having to place them into the temporary point feature class? Or is that over-complicating an even more simple process?


Don't really need any code-specific help, just curious conceptually if what I am doing makes sense or could be performed using a better method.