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Need advice no exporting the shapefile and raster

Question asked by RyuMaster2 on Oct 26, 2016
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I have raster mosaic dataset in one layer, which consists of many images (tiles);


On top of it, I have shapefile, which I am rendering using Symbology->Categories->Unique Values with different colors;

Now, I want to export my shapefile layer to raster image tiles, to match it with raster mosaic database as raster data, not vector anymore.


Each raster image resolution is 10000x10000, and I want to export vector layer tiles at the same one, to have perfect match.


How to do this?


Firstly I thought to convert vector data to raster. But then how can I create mosaic database later from it? Seems confusing.
Also, when I actually tried doing so, my resulting raster image was one full solid color, not the multicolor display I get from using Symbology->Categories->Unique Values;


Can anyone provide any advice on this?


Basically, I have shapefile overlayed on top of ratser mosaic database, and want to export them as raster image tiles seperately, one tile set for raster images, one set for vector images.