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"Relevant" field syntax for multiple choice questions

Question asked by katja_krivoruchko-esristaff Employee on Oct 24, 2016
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I have the following survey question:


Who are your main customers (check all that apply)?
-    Contractors
-    Designers
-    Manufacturer
-    Individual customers
-    Retailers
-    Other


If “Other” is checked, I want a text field to appear to provide more info. This works fine (with ${Customers} ='Other' query) if “Other” is the only field that is checked. However, if “Other” and anything else is checked, the query evaluates to false. What would be the correct syntax to get the text field to display when “Other” with or without other options is selected? I tried:


${Customers} like %'Other'%
${Customers} contains 'Other'
${Customers} like *'Other'*
${Customers} contains *Other*


Thank you!