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Base Map Disappears when adding Shapefile in ArcGIS Pro

Question asked by sraretail on Oct 24, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 4, 2016 by sraretail

I have saved a shape file in ArcMap.  When I add this shape file to my ArcGIS Pro file the basemap disappears and my scale automatically turns into 1:1.


I can see the points, but the base map is gone.  Switching Base maps does not help the problem.


If I go to the Locate tab and search for my location the base map returns and the points disappear.  I have tried using a a layer package exported from ArcMap with the same results and behavior.


What is going on?  I could do this before without a problem.  No errors were found when exporting the layer package, and when I try to view the layer's data in Pro it shows all data in the table that opens.


Any ideas?  It's a weird set of behaviors.