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Offline sync fails for lines but not points

Question asked by emsack_bpa on Oct 24, 2016
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I am having trouble getting a feature service to sync after downloading for offline use in Collector.  I am running Collector 10.4 on Android (fails on iOS device as well) with feature services published to AGOL from a file geodatabase.  I have several point features and line features that work great in a connected AGOL editing environment but only the points work when I take offline.  All of the points sync back and no errors occur.  If I try to sync edits to this one line feature service I get a sync failed error:


 "An error occurred while synchronizing edits"


Note: I've taken the data out of SDE to eliminate any M value issues, versioning support for offline editing, etc. so this file geodatabase test is as simple as I can make it.


Any help is greatly appreciated.