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Prevent certain webmaps from showing in Explorer?

Question asked by edienske on Oct 21, 2016

Just wondering if it's possible (e.g. by altering the typeKeywords of an ArcGIS Online or Portal webmap) to exclude certain webmaps from being listed in Explorer for ArcGIS. We have a number of webmaps that we use in the Collector, that we don't want to see in Explorer (and vice versa). Simple reason for wanting this: convenience and simplicity for our end users.


I can exclude webmaps from being listed in the Collector by removing the "Collector" typeKeyword from the webmap's json, but the other way round doesn't seem possible. Removing "Explorer Web Map" doesn't have any effect.


Which keywords does Explorer use to determine which webmaps will be in its list of available webmaps?

Thanks, Eva