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Import seperate Python program in Arcgis Pro

Question asked by SirCurious on Oct 20, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 21, 2016 by SirCurious

Hi everyone, I am completely new here in this forum and hope I this topic is right here, I´m sorry if not.

So I´m looking for a solution to implement a programmed Python algorithm in ArcGIS. In detail it deals with a programmed package problem on a specific area. My aim is it to import this program in ArcGIS. This specific area should reference to an area on the earth map, which was screened before. Is it possible to control my program and see it on the map? For example: I say in my program code : Place x and place y are occupied by two packages and I see this packages in form of coloured cells on my map?

I support two friends who are writing there bachelor thesis at the moment.

Best regards from Germany