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Select lists from external data end points

Question asked by mdc.tbr2 on Oct 17, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 26, 2016 by dougbrowning

Is it possible to have an option where the select_one options are populated from a web api JSON end point (or any type of server generated data)?  

e.g. http://server/getStreetNames.  

This endpoint would return a list of name,label pairs exactly like in the choices tab.



{Name: 2578, Label: "main street"},




This would replace having to manually load the data from CSV files for data that changes frequently i.e. Business Names.


 For offline use, it could call the end point to begin with, or have a back up CSV list to choose from of older data.

In future it could also autocomplete by calling the end point with a query param:

http://server/getDogOwnerNames?search=john which would return the list filtered where name like john.

This should make things easier for larger data sets like street names while making sure users enter only information that currently exists.