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Embedded story map doesn't render correctly with Safari on iPhone 7

Question asked by RobbGIS on Oct 14, 2016
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Hello. I just got a new iPhone 7 and in Safari (version 602.1?) the mobile view of my Story Map Journal App goes a little crazy.  I am hoping someone else has experienced this or can help me solve it. The app works great in older versions of Safari (on my previous phone), and Google Chrome on the old and new phone. But obviously my concern is that more and more people are going to be getting new iPhones, and upgrading their Safari browsers, and they’re going to have a strange user experience with this map.


You can view it here:


Here’s a screenshot (see OnLoad.PNG) of what it looks like when it loads in Safari on my iPhone 7. Notice the black band at the bottom bleeds outside the container and inappropriately displays part of the next panel’s title.


When I tap for details, the entire details panel stretches outside the screen (see DetailsOnSafari.PNG). When I return to the map, it is also stretched out off the screen and never returns to normal until I refresh.


The third image (ChromeBrowser.PNG) is how the exact same page looks like on the same phone using Chrome (and the same way it appears on all other phones I’ve used including earlier versions of Safari). This is the way I would expect it to appear everywhere.


Any information would be helpful, even if you just happen to have an iPhone 7 and want to open this story map with Safari and see if you get the same result.