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Filter in table widget

Question asked by f.martinesri-de-esridist Employee on Oct 11, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 6, 2017 by erocha_tecgeo

Hey there - I was wondering if there is any chance to have a filter function on layers which are dynamically added to a session e.g. by the GP widget (add result or uploaded shapefile as operational layers). I noticed, that functionality is limited for these types of layers. My desired workflow: upload and add a zipped shapefile (polygons, fields are NOT standardized and subject to change) --> use FILTER functionality within table widget (now grayed out) --> use selection as input for gp service. Uploading and adding the features as op. layer works fine - also opening the attribute table. I can use the selection widget for spatial selection - and I can use those selections as input for my GP. Filtering in the attribute table would be great because  these filters wouldn't have to be preconfigured. Any ideas?
Thanks, Falko