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Should I configure ArcGIS Server with a Web Adaptor?

Question asked by th_matt on Oct 7, 2016
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This is how I plan to use ArcGIS Server.

  • It will be federated with a portal.
  • It will be used only to run GIS services that will be accessed by Operations Dashboard.
  • It is currently planned to have Portal and the 'web adaptor for portal' on one machine and ArcGIS Server on another machine


In this scenario is there any benefits are negatives by not configuring ArcGIS Server with a web adaptor.


My research led me to this link which lists all the benefits of having a web adapter with ArcGIS Server.

Link: About the ArcGIS Web Adaptor


None of the benefits listed in the above link seem to apply to my case.


Infact I can see a negative. If I configure the web adaptor on the portal machine with ArcGIS Server on the second machine, every request for a service will go to the web adpator machine and then to arcgis server instead of going directly to ArcGIS Server.


However, the link for federating ArcGIS Server with Portal "indicates" that ArcGIS Server must be linked with a web adaptor before federating. See the link and excerpt below showing this.


Link: Federate an ArcGIS Server site with your portal



Excerpt ends.


Therefore, as per my scenario, does anyone think I should configure ArcGIS Server with a web adaptor. Can I use the url http://server:6080/arcgis as Services URL to federate without any problems.


Kindly share your thoughts.