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Reverse geocode locator inconsistencies - REST API

Question asked by Sarah.Menassian_Root on Oct 6, 2016

I am using the World Geocoding Service's reverseGeocode to determine addresses for locations in various countries. I've found that in certain countries (e.g., the UK, Ireland, and South Korea) I sometimes get different results for the same point, depending on the search radius used. The JSON response indicates a different locator is being used at the different distances; I'll note that this doesn't happen for all points in the same city. I am curious why this is happening for certain locations and if anyone knows of a way to work around this given there is no locator input parameter for this API. 


For example, queries on the London area location (-0.485225832, 51.33903692) used the following locators:

distance=100: GBR.StreetName

distance=250 or 500: GBR.StreetAddress

distance=750 or 1000: GBR.PointAddress

The returned address gets progressively further away from the original point as the locator changes as the search radius increases.


For another London location (-0.379127246,51.49013569), queries at all search radii used GBR.StreetAddress and returned the same address.