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Deadlock issue while running on Citrix (and RDP)

Question asked by mwinsor on Oct 4, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 21, 2016 by mwinsor

This code is executing on the 10.2.6 version of the ArcGis .NET Runtime


We're having a major issue with running our WPF application with the ArcGis .NET Runtime 10.2.6 under Citrix (and we've seen this happen with RDP as well). When we run locally, we never run into this issue.


Basically, after a period of time our application stops responding when we're running a Query task or some other awaitable action involving the map.  We're fairly confident that the map is the problem here because if we disable the map, the application remains responsive no matter what.


During the execution, the code queries the runtime local server for feature data, creates a graphics layer, overlays the features, then displays 2 panels which causes the map to shrink horizontally.  That last part is kind of important, because if we don't display these panels, i.e. we keep the map at the same size and position, then the application will run indefinitely without freezing.  


Sometimes this the freeze occurs during a call to QueryTask.ExecuteAsync, other times it happens after a call to MapView.SetViewAsync.


Each time it's an async call that seems to be culprit, which leads me to conclude there's a deadlock or race condition happening somewhere in the runtime code.


Does anyone have a suggestion on how to work around this problem?  Am I missing something obvious?