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AGOL: How to add a layer to an existing feature server?

Question asked by AaronCraig on Oct 3, 2016



I want to add a layer to an existing Feature Server in ArcGIS online. I am using ArcGIS (extension requirements) and do not have ArcGIS server. How can I go about doing this?

Reasons I want to add a layer instead of creating a whole new Feature Server for the new layer:

  1. New layer is point features of existing polygon layer (for better labeling and searching in Geoform {labels of overlapping polygons do not show, only top most}).
  2. Tidiness. Don't need a bunch of Feature Servers for individual related layers.
  3. Using FME and FME server, for each Feature Server read by FME, it must list all existing groups and Feature Servers available to them, which makes having a bunch individual Feature Servers terribly inefficient.


File -> Share As -> Service... and Overwriting the existing service seems to have no effect, as nothing happens past the warning dialog about overwriting the service (is this what is supposed to happen?).