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Troubleshoot Send Error:  Code 400

Question asked by wysorj on Sep 30, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 6, 2016 by wysorj

I get an error when trying to submit a survey.  I am pretty sure this has to do with privileges.  When I am logged in as myself (Publisher role), I can submit the survey with no problems.  When I am logged in as our test user (a custom role defined as Field Editor), I cannot submit the survey and receive the following error message:



I checked the online help and it says that these privileges are required to use a survey: 

  • Use maps and apps
  • Join groups
  • Edit features

The only difference between myself and the test user is the privileges assigned to us and our test user has the above privileges assigned.  Here is a screen capture of the privileges for our custom Field Editor role:

Am I missing something?  If this isn't an issue with privileges, what else could be causing this problem?  Thanks!