Updating ArcGIS Online Feature Services with Python

Discussion created by longc_ChesterfieldVA on Sep 29, 2016
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Hi All, 


I just wanted to share a script that I wrote to update multiple feature services that you have published to ArcGIS Online. I took the ESRI script found here and modified GitHub - arcpy/update-hosted-feature-service: Update and overwrite a hosted feature service on ArcGIS.com  this was a great script to start from, however it only updates one feature service. The script I wrote creates a list of .ini files found in a common folder used to update feature services, then iterates through them to update each feature services


Feel free to grab the code I wrote here GitHub - ChristopherLongVT/update-hosted-feature-service: Update and overwrite a hosted feature service on ArcGIS.com  and make it better! 


Thanks, and feel free to shoot me any questions.