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Multiple Hyperlink Paths

Question asked by lgiboo on Sep 27, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 27, 2016 by Dan_Patterson

We have Arc users who are disconnected from the network all day and others are connected to the network all day. Basically, I want a way to build a smart hyperlink tool that when clicked with look in multiple locations for the hyperlink source.


The feature class has a text field called "DWG" that has the document name in it (i.e. UC-D-0145.pdf).  This field will be used for the hyperlink tool.


1. Look to our SharePoint Site (if not there), then:

2. Look at our network L drive (if not there), then:

3. Look at the local computer drive C.


All three of these locations are set up the same:


<sharepoint website>/ts/gt/DwgsMisc/<document name>

L:\TS\GT\DwgsMisc\<document name>

C:\TS\GT\DwgsMisc\<document name>


Any ideas on how to accomplish the task above?


Thanks in advance!!