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Make Query Table crashes ArcMap 10.2

Question asked by aclark702 on Sep 23, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 23, 2016 by Dan_Patterson

I have been using the Make Query Table tool to match a feature class of unique parcel IDs (named PARCELS) to a non-spatial table (named ZONING_CASES) that matches up on parcel ID. PARCELS is the "one", ZONING CASES is the "many".


The goal is to create a feature class of zoning cases based on parcel ID.  I am building feature classes separately for each year back to 2000. So there's a fair amount of repetition.


At first the tool worked fine. I had to strip the quote marks out of the expression in Query Builder, and ignore the error I always get when I verify the expression. (This is a known bug: "error with the expression, general function failure on PARCEL table, too few parameters".)


Then it began crashing. There was a progression. It would crash once, I would re-start ArcMap, reopen the map document, and try again, and the 2nd time it worked. Then it took 3 tries before it worked. Now it works maybe once every 8 tries.


I run ArcMap over a network using Citrix, but I also tested this on a machine that has ArcMap installed locally. It crashed there also. The PARCEL feature class I copy into my GeoDB from our SDE server. The table is imported to the geodB from a csv file. I can find no reason it shouldn't work.


Has anyone seen such a problem before? Is there another way to do it?