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Showing a cross symbol for line vertex using REST API

Question asked by apurvdanke on Sep 23, 2016



The scenario which we're trying to implement is that we have a web service which would receive certain parameters from another system, and based on the parameters, zoom to a particular location on the map, take the snapshot of it and return the image to the source system.


So we have gone with the approach of using ExportMap function which is available in REST API for map service. We're able to export and display the image and return it to the source system. However, there is a slight problem here, the image is attached for reference.



This is a line layer in pink color and what I need is to show a red cross symbol at each line vertex.

 I've used the line decoration property in the symbology to show a red cross as given below.




The problem is I'm not able to see the cross at the exact vertex position, rather I see two cross symbols left and right side of each vertex.


Another thing is that I only want to see the cross marks at the end points of the queried line feature, and not for the line features next to it, though I still want those features available in the exported image.


Hence I'm thinking of an alternative way to add a graphic at the line vertices using REST API. Can the graphic be added while using ExportMap function?