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Web App Authorization for particular users in a map

Question asked by bugrabugra on Sep 22, 2016
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Hi all!


As a mapping company, we are programming GIS for municipalities. As you know, there are lots of users in a formation like municipalities. Let's say that we are programming a cemetery mapping system. In a department that is responsible for burials, there will be a bunch of users who is going to use our mapping system.


What we want is, particular users among this department will be able to see our "editing widget" and can use it but the other users apart from these particular users neither see nor use the editing widget. For example, there will be 5 widget in total and 9 users going to see and use 4 of these widgets (select, print, analyze, create report widgets) but 1 user is going to see and use "edit widget".


How can we solve this problem in Web AppBuilder?


Thank you in advance!