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Timeslider and One-to Many Relationships

Question asked by rachelmurphy on Sep 22, 2016
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I'm wanting to create a one-to-many relationship to use in ArcMap's timeslider (I am using ArcMap 10.4). I am showing information about land parcels and how the land use changed over time. I  have created a polygon layer and the the polygons remain the same throughout.


The temporal data is in an Excel file structured PLACENAME/LANDUSE/DATE_STARTS/DATE_ENDS with PLACENAME being the common attribute between the Excel file and the polygon feature class.


I initially thought I would need to create a relate but from reading this page it seems that it might be possible to achieve what I need using a join


However, when I try this only the first record relating to that polygon is displayed, the subsequent ones are missing. In case it was to do with the Excel file, I converted the excel file into a table which is now stored in the geodatabase but I am still having the same problem.


Grateful for any suggestions as to how I should approach this?