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Can we register/use our own Network Analysis Utility Services in Portal for ArcGIS 10.4.1?

Question asked by cs99 on Sep 22, 2016
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After performing the following steps:-
1.Install ArcGIS Server and ArcGIS Data Store.
2.Create an ArcGIS Data Store and register it with your ArcGIS Server site.
3.Federate your ArcGIS Server site with your portal.
4.Specify the ArcGIS Server site as your portal's hosting server.
5.Grant members privileges to perform analysis. Publisher and spatial analysis privileges are needed to perform analysis.


Web help specified that all network utility services require to enable network analysis tools in the portal.


While configuring the ownNetwork utility GP service for example Vehicle Routing Problem, Location Allocation, Routing Utilities etc.  throws error the  url is inaccesible and the analysis widget throws error "Your user role cannot perform analysis. In order to perform analysis, the administrator of your organization needs to grant you certain privileges" which is not true.


The route service url for Directions widget works fine.


I have read that Network datasets created from your ownstreet data are currently not supported. The current functionality supported is it requires network dataset from StreetMap Premium.


Is there any suggested workaround from Esri?


Your advice and inputs are highly appreciated.


Thanks in advance!! ☺