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I'm having a problem running the tabulate intersection tool.

Question asked by Esoxdiver on Sep 17, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 30, 2016 by Dan_Patterson


I'm using the tabulate intersection tool to determine areas of land cover polygons that fall within the band regions of a kernel density estimate of some points.  I have layered Barn Owl dispersal locations over land cover data and used a kernel density estimate to determine the area of each habitat polygon within each density band.  I used the Reclassify Tool to differentiate the density bands and converted them to polygons.  I used the Tabulate Intersection tool to determine the areas of each habitat polygon in the kernel density that intersected with the the total land cover available to the owls. 


For the most part, this was successful, however, a few times I've gotten a 00725 Error when running the Tabulate Intersection tool which states that the "Output table already exists."  I've tried changing the names but I still get the error.  I tried enabling the overwrite, I get a warning message that says the output table already exists. It generates a table but the table is empty.  I've tried running it under a new geo database but it still won't work.


 As I've stated before, sometimes it works and I get the desired output table without a hitch.  Does anyone have an idea where things might have gone wrong?  Let me know of any additional information you may need. 


Thanks again,