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Disable LIKE Search in Web App?

Question asked by mselig on Sep 15, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 19, 2016 by mselig
We are using the standard Map Tools template for a web app and have enabled a search by parcel number, with 
suggestions enabled. Despite setting it to exact match, the search executes a LIKE search.

Since our parcel layer contains nearly 2.4 million
this returns results extremely slowly, even though the
field is indexed. Besides, no one searches for a parcel by
numbers that may occur anywhere in the string. Is
there a way I can alter this behavior? Here
is the relevant code behind the search set-up.

"searchConfig": {

   "sources": [


          "flayerId": "Landlocked_Parcels_2772.0",

           "url": "",

          "name": "Parcel (AIN/APN) Search",

          "id": "dojoUnique12",

          "enable": true,

          "enableSuggestions": true,

          "searchWithinMap": true,

           "exactMatch": true,

           "placeholder": "Parcel Search",

          "searchFields": [



       "maxSuggestions": 9,

       "displayField": "",

       "suggestionTemplate": ""



   "activeSourceIndex": 1,

   "enableSearchingAll": false