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SpatioTemporalDatabase and queries?

Question asked by nymoen on Sep 14, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 30, 2016 by CBeyett-esristaff

SpatioTemporalDatabase and queries?

I am playing with GeoEvent 10.4.1 and SpatioTemporalDatabase. 

I have loaded all the lightning for Norway since 2001, and have about 2.5 million records. 

The drawing of the webmap goes fast and looks cool.


But I have a question about running queries:

 I am not able to use output statistics.

I do something very simple like this where I Group By the Field YEAR.


    "statisticType": "count",

    "onStatisticField": "objectid",

    "outStatisticFieldName": "StrikesPrYear"




But it does not work.

I really want to do Sum, Average etc, but I am really not able to.

I even tried to set up an Operation View, and only counts in the widgets is working. Not average, sum, maximum etc.


Hope you are able to help me with this.